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Sacred Heart's Echo V Rogunn CGC, TDI


Soon after Rick and I moved to the country in 2001, we brought our 1st German Shepherd Puppy home. Now we both have always had a love for dogs and we have always had dogs in our lives, but this was our 1st Pure Bred Dog. From the beginning we knew that this little guy was full of himself. As Rohnin grew, so did his personality. Our breeder had asked if we would be interested in showing him in the conformation ring? Now at that time we didn’t know all that much in the dog world, but we decided to give it a try. I am so glad that we did because once Rohnin matured he loved going to dog shows. When Rohnin retired from conformation he had 7 Championship Points, along with Best of Breed Wins! I then tried some obedience training with him hoping to compete with him at Obedience Trials. Although Rohnin earned his CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Title, obedience just wasn’t his thing. I think that he thought since he was a Show Dog, he shouldn’t have to do obedience!!  He definitely was a Diva! We are very grateful that we were able to have Rohnin in our lives. He was a beautiful boy who loved his life with us. Rohnin passed away in Aug. of 2012. He was at home surrounded by his mom, dad, his friend Echo, and his tennis ball. He is in our thoughts everyday and we miss him very much.

As the saying goes, “Dogs are like potato chips…. You can’t have just one!” So…. In 2002 we decided to bring another puppy home. Now this little boy was totally different from Rohnin. Gunner always had a willingness to please. He loved to learn and was an excellent working dog. I decided to show Gunner in competitive obedience and he was just Awesome! At his 1st obedience trial he got the highest score in his class! He earned his CD (Companion Dog) Title in only 3 shows! Gunner always had the attitude of “What’s Next Mom?” So we went on to get his Therapy Dog Title. I really think that Gunner enjoyed this the most. He was a dog who would protect us to the end, and yet he would go into these hospitals, nursing homes, libraries, and be so wonderful with everyone. Kids would lay down beside him and read him stories, he would walk into the nursing home and you would hear GUNNER’S HERE from the residents. Everyone that met Gunner, Loved Gunner. We lost Gunn’s in July of 2008, he was only 6yrs old. We figured that God must have needed a good dog….And he got one.

Echo came into our home in 2005. Echo was, and still is the sweetest girl. She was such a good puppy, so easy to train. Even though she loves her dad, she has always been a Momma’s Girl. No matter where I am she is not to far away. With the bond that we have I thought obedience would be very easy with her. Echo received her CGC and Therapy Dog Title, then we started to train for the ring. She loves working in obedience…AT HOME…but take her to a show and she’s like….Nah, don’t want to do it! And that is why we only have 1 leg towards her CD. I’ve taken her to other shows to get her other 2 legs, but she just doesn’t like to show.  I’ve always said that I will continue to do things with my dogs, but if I see that they don’t seem to be enjoying it anymore, then it’s time to move on to something else. So Echo continued to do therapy visits which she did enjoy that. She is pretty much retired now. Echo will be turning 9 yrs old in June, which she is still very active. She loves playing ball, walking in the woods with us, and she tries to keep up with the latest member of our family….

And that would be Mauser…aka Mouse. We brought Mauser home in Sept. 2012, and what an experience it has been. We have never had a dog quite like him before. The way he thinks things through, how he figures things out, the intelligence that he has is amazing. Sometimes we feel that he is too smart for his own good. Haha. Mouse is one of those dogs who you can’t stay mad at because he looks at you with those big dark eyes, and that wagging tail, he is such a happy boy. Ha…he has us trained very well! Now that he’s 19 months old, he has settled quite a bit. Mauser will be Mauser and we wouldn’t trade him for the world. We are not sure which route we will go with Mouse, but whatever it is I’m sure it will be a fun ride!

Sacred Heart's Quno's Rohnin CGC
3/19/01 - 8/26/12

Sacred Heart's Semper Fi CGC, TDI, CD (Gunner)
4/13/02 - 7/16/08

Sacred Heart's Echo V Rogunn CGC, TDI
DOB: 6/14/05

Sacred Heart's A Shot In The Dark (Mauser)

Many thanks to our dogs breeder,
Tom & Jodi Bobin of Sacred Heart German Shepherds.

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Rohnin, Gunner, Echo