When I opened my grooming salon in 2007, my goal was to have a calm, relaxing atmosphere where dogs would feel comfortable and at ease. That is exactly what your dog will experience at Sit N' Pretty. All dogs are treated with the utmost care and attention while they are here with me. With safety being my 1st priority, your dogs are always secure, whether it be in the bathing tub or on the grooming table. There is no lifting of medium and large dogs. I have a large walk in shower and a custom made hydraulic grooming table to handle even the largest breeds.

Average grooming time is 2hrs, but of course this can vary depending on the severity of the coat. I do not double book my clients. You will have a drop off time and a pick up time. I believe in Quality not Quantity, so when you bring your dogs in, there are no loose dogs running around, and very little, if any, barking. This makes it less stressful for us and your dog.

Regular grooms consists of.... 2 massaging baths with High Quality shampoos that best fits your dogs coat and skin, followed by a deep conditioning. Grooms also include foot pad and nail trims, anal glands expressed, (if needed), ear cleaning, sanitary trims, followed by a haircut to fit your specifications or just a good brushing. Your pets groom is completed with a fresh scent of cologne, a beautiful bow, accessory, or bandana.


For your double coated breeds; German Shepherd's, Collies, Huskies, ect you may opt for a Deshedding treatment. With the special solutions and technique that I use, I am able to remove 60%-80% of dead, unwanted, shedding hair in only the 1st treatment! This process also works on labs, beagles, boxers ect. Not only will your dog feel Great, but you'll love having less hair on your furniture and clothes!

I also offer Flea & Tick treatments, and De-Skunking!

Thank-You for stopping by,
Tammy Schaas

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